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作者: fqybrwg4dg1l    時間: 2013-5-6 04:49     標題: longchamps outlet " Pombo will raise eyebrows

"Brother, you have to help me be a good lesson!" Just pick something young, ferocious stare Fan Ye and Pombo, the surrounding several years to see backer, also yell at them. Interrupted their hands and feet, thrown into front Hawthorn go feed the fish. "" Let both of them knelt down and knock on 1,000 ring head. "... A few years constantly clamor, rely on the backing in this Fan Ye Pombo stigma and cursing. Fan Ye was furrowed brow, he will naturally not for several years and angry, he just felt something unusual, as if someone deliberately against them. "You two beatings why my brother?" Shen Things young male face longchamps outlet, gazed Fan Ye and Pombo. "You only see with their eyes and I beaten him?" Pombo will raise eyebrows, it now not longer forbear, even bow to recognize the counseling, the other will pack them fiercely, he naturally see each other looking for an excuse. "In the end you want to happen outlet longchamp?" Fan Ye asked directly. "You have beaten my brother, my natural outlet for his young sneer out loud, forced to come forward step by step. Gathered around a lot of people at the moment, all wait and see far, no one would dare stepped forward to discourage, the brother of the cliff almost all just getting started near the front of the body negotiable glorious youth feel Ju Yi. "Break their legs, so they knelt there!" Thrown into the lake to feed the fish! "Several teenagers again clamoring up. Brush Guanghua flash, generally pounced to come to the youth, such as ghosts, to the extreme, metacarpophalangeal crystal jade, like a knife generally Zhan Xiang Fan Ye's neck. He did not fully utilized this in mind palm knife, in his view sufficient to split the turn Fan Ye, let the soft down to the ground. However, he did not think that Ye Fan reaction fast, side step forward, two steps back, very natural to hide the past, "bang" and actually explore hands grabbed his bird palm. Doing nothing! "Youth a little surprised, but Fan Ye do not think he can pose a threat to want to force the Fan Ye and throw out. But things again to his surprise, his fingers like pliers in general, the immense pain simply difficult to shake off. "Bang" At this point, the next Pombo hands, punch severely smashed the other side of the back, great strength staggering the youth body Juzhen, mouth overflow slightest traces of blood. Fan Ye seize the bird palm, like waving Scarecrow, suddenly the other whirl moving up, then heavy hit the ground. "Bang" soot washed from the ground and suddenly a heavy jolt go the little shining surface of the youth suddenly dispersal, he screams, mouth again and again spit out a few mouthful of blood, body twitch. All the people around stunned, never imagined, Fan Ye is actually the youth knocked to the ground, and so neat. Not the youth did not have the strength, after all, has been revised a number of mysterious laws, but he had no opportunity to cast. Fan Ye arm can easily lift extremely heavy boulders can be said to have the power of Kau like, so Juli is
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