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標題: Supra Shoes a big storm swept the whole piece of Mars opens up. "No [打印本頁]

作者: fqybrwg4dg1l    時間: 2013-5-6 05:53     標題: Supra Shoes a big storm swept the whole piece of Mars opens up. "No

Belts one, said: "Right now think the way to live matters, this piece of desert in the middle of nowhere before the store, there is no water, no food, in another seven or eight hours, I am afraid will become disastrous." Various indications that most of the planet Mars, and we all know can not have living environment on Mars. "Li Xiaoman elegant and moving, after a series of events, she becomes calm, continued:" If you really there is a God, then maybe you can explain all of this, here is just a small Pure Land on Mars. "Her words faded, red-brown earth would suddenly heard bursts of rumbling sound, open the earth were shaken up Supra Shoes, like a mighty force in the Pentium, but also like a raging sea turbulent in the rough. "Sandstorms ... level storm on Mars!" Li Xiaoman around Cade look great changes, and cried out in fluent Chinese. Mars have a quarter of a year shrouded in the sky Until the big typhoon on earth more than sixty meters per second, while the storm on Mars is as high as one hundred and eighty meters per second, the magnitude storm could be swept the entire planet. Do not say, heavy tanks should be rolled up on high! Just a moment, the sky the moon and stars all but disappeared, and endless red-brown dust completely covered the sky, a big storm swept the whole piece of Mars opens up. "No, no storm  Justin Bieber Supra Shoes......" just a lot of people are terrified that disaster strikes, but at the moment everyone is currently a distant storm monstrous, near to calm. To the the colored altar and sound Temple axis formed with a diameter of more than 1000 meters hazy round cover to cover in this area over here isolated. Li Xiaoman said words come true, it really is a small Pure Land, natural forces seal blocking the storm, there may be indirect evidence gods, here perhaps the Sanctuary of the gods. "Oh, the shadowy mask in the dark, will be gone!" One female student looking at the sky and his face became as white as snow. The sky layer mask is gradually dim ablation, I am afraid that will not take long will completely disappear. See this all behind the scenes all color, death is so close, no one can calm. "How to do, do we ... really die here!?" Some of the words are trembling. "I do not want to die  MBT Shoes..." some female students crying out loud. "If the mask disappears, we will be crushed level storm!" Even though the male students heart to fear, this only pure land on Mars will cease to exist, no living space. "Rumbling storm like muffled thunder roaring, the whole earth seemed to be shaken, misty between heaven and earth, everywhere Until all men between the emotions of fear spread. Fan Ye still eyes clear, look to the overwhelming sandstorms, calm opening said: "Today, perhaps only one way out." "We can escape? There any way!" This world will cease to exist, where else can survive?! "life and death, everyone
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