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標題: MBT UK Store also placed in the dozen Port medicine cabinet [打印本頁]

作者: fqybrwg4dg1l    時間: 2013-5-6 06:22     標題: MBT UK Store also placed in the dozen Port medicine cabinet

Completely cornered! "Have mercy on me old friend who is cut into the mess MBT UK Store, I have made the best means escaped ......" Korean Presbyterian sound Senhan the Titanic, such as devils teeth. "He did not leave your life, really a shame." Fan Ye teasing. Korean Presbyterian eyes shot two cooling and power floated forward Supra Shoes, silent, dry body reveals an atmosphere of death Supra Footwear. Fan Ye equidistant enough to reposition itself in the Golden Book, desperate for a hit, although he did not have a chance, a green light to illuminate the night sky, such as the jack-o'-lantern is generally enveloped him, banning him. Dark, Korean elders that such as Gaomu-like body into just near to Baifei Yang, exposing a withered face, looks very grim and scary, two eye hole glow dense. "I like to live the life of your body full of vigor and vitality, I think that the blood must be very sweet ......" Korean Presbyterian grabbed Fan Ye's arm, with his towering into the sky. Fan Ye's heart completely cold, hard hard for over so many days to escape the end or escape death. "I leave your body mark, you can not escape!" The Korean Presbyterian out of a green light in the body, wrapped with Fan Ye moment disappeared in the sky. He did not return Ling Hui Cave, but came with Fan Ye Yan to a Barren, from a cave on the cliff deep into the hillside. "Do not be afraid that death is not painful." Korean elders eyes flashing with terrible light. Intra-abdominal Dong Fu of the mountain is very deep, along with embedded dolphin Pearl, not dark. Korean Presbyterian carrying Fan Ye was came to an open sarcophagus, came bursts herb flavor, which placed a dozen drug-ting, all one meter high, carved with complicated veins, very quaint. Finally put together a panacea, ha ha ha ...... "Han elders laughed, the sound is extremely ugly, like devils cry, people scalp Ma. Room made of stone except drug-ting, also placed in the dozen Port medicine cabinet, the Korean Presbyterian 11 open, suddenly bursts medicine smell of incense. "Look at me you prepared for what is no market price elixir!" He opened a wooden box, suddenly revealing a full lotus pigeon eggs, black and translucent, like black jade carved and into a rich aroma lunged, drill down to the bone. "Know what it is, which was black jade give birth to God lotus lotus, five hundred years to bear such a precious value is hard to imagine that contains endless life essence." Han the elders put down wooden box, open a rustic texture Yu He, suddenly touch of shiny green flow out of an egg big green fruit, such as jade carved out of circulation soft light, twinkling. "What is it? The jade lotus This is the legendary bear fruit grown in the tens of thousands of meters of snow, the Millennium not seen the sun, surrounded by powerful monster guardian to spend my time in 2008, a lucky picking "These things are extremely powerful essence of life contains, For Fan Ye taking down the golden Oliver certainly will open up great. Korean elders to continue going forward, picked up a wooden box, with a touch of red light emitted opened suddenly, the whole body, such as a nine-leaf odd grass
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